Why the Law Office of Erik Rakoczy LLC?

The Law Office of Erik Rakoczy is designed and focused on providing business and legal advice specifically. We are here to make sure you have the tools you need to be successful. Having a lawyer on staff with advanced degrees beyond law school is beneficial in that we can provide advice and expertise beyond what many other law firms have. Erik Rakoczy also has a strong background in technology, writing and editing. Having experience in a range of different business markets allows him to provide you with insight into areas of business beyond just legal advice. Furthermore, lean business design and low overhead as part of our business model allows us to provide you with extremely high services at an affordable rate that maximizes the return on your investment in legal services. Client Testimonials

What are the costs?

This question is usually on the forefront of any client’s mind. The answer varies based on both the level of sophistication of the client as well as the type of work that needs to be done. Hourly billing is the usual operational standard, but low overhead makes The Law Office of Erik Rakoczy more affordable than larger law firms and this allows you to spend your money in other important areas of your business. There will always be unforeseen costs in commercial transactions, but our focus and experience allows us to estimate these costs and our clients have always been extremely satisfied.

Why can’t I just use legal document templates found on the web?

You can but don’t, and here is why: having an expert drafting commercial agreements and contracts for you not only has the potential to increase your revenue and ensure you are getting the best deal for the products and services you provide, but also protects your legal interests. Contract law is complicated and there are many sophisticated elements to it that you can only use to your advantage if you are an expert in that area. Proper structuring and organization of your business will help your company be more successful as well. There are businesses out there that utilize such services and stay afloat, but our goal is to make your business excel which should be your goal. Paying experts to provide their services whether they are legal or otherwise is more often than not a strong investment that you will see returns on. Furthermore, simple mistakes in the legal world can grow into large mistakes quickly, which is why having an attorney provide you with support and legal assurances will pay dividends in the end.