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I am happy to say, The Law Office of Erik Rakoczy is now re-opened after almost a year. I sustained a serious injury when I was struck by a van while jogging which shattered my knee. I was in Physical therapy learning to walk again after reconstructive surgery and had 3 plates and pins put in my knee and Fibula  and Tibia. Thanks to all the well wishes from my colleagues and friends- Erik Rakoczy 03/2023

The Law Office of Erik Rakoczy strives to provide the best specialized legal and commercial litigation services to business entities and entrepreneurs whether they are a start-up business, small and growing businesses, or existing larger businesses.

Erik has a passion for entrepreneurial spirit and has provided Erik strives to give his best services and solutions to assist new and existing entrepreneurs and businesses be it through the best legal tools, regulations, contracts and networks.

Additionally, The Law Office of Erik Rakoczy LLC. has represented clients in civil and criminal litigation, and in Federal Court.

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Additionally, the Law Office offers a range of Services for Law Firms.