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Serving both Michigan and Illinois, from Chicago to Detroit, the Law Office of Erik Rakoczy, LLC. has advised and provided a range of legal services to a range of clients over nearly the past 2 decades.

Erik has a passion for entrepreneurial spirit. He strives to give the best and most efficient services and solutions to assist new and existing entrepreneurs and existing businesses both large and small.

Be it through corporate formation and corporate governance documents to, regulatory compliance, contracts or litigation, The Law Office of Erik Rakoczy, LLC. works closely with clients to suit their needs.

Erik has a passion for justice, and vehemently represents his clients to the best of his ability.

Additionally, The Law Office of Erik Rakoczy LLC. has represented clients in civil and criminal litigation, and in Federal Court.

See ourĀ Client Services page for more details on how The Law Office of Erik Rakoczy LLC can provide you with the legal and business tools you need to be successful.

Licensed and serving in both Michigan and Illinois.

Feel free to contact the office for any questions or to discuss consultation options. Or see our Frequently Asked Questions Section. Section.

Additionally, the Law Office offers a range of Services for Law Firms.

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