Client Services

Business Operations and Corporate Law:

The services provided to clients are custom tailored to each individual business and after an initial analysis of a business, a consulting program is then implemented to streamline businesses allowing them to achieve their maximum operation and growth potentials. The consultation includes but is not limited to: implementation of agile business methodologies, corporate governance and structuring, and training and educational seminars on contract negotiation and drafting.

Key factors in a business’s success, whether in the early stages or later stages of it’s life rely upon utilizing cutting edge business strategies. Some key points that every growing businesses should focus on are:
• Agile strategy and business planning is one of the best ways to meet the challenges of an ever changing market place. Understanding how a tailored business plan like this works for each individual business model can take a company to being profitable to being a powerhouse in it’s marketplace.
• Operating a project management strategy that focuses on implementing pivotal milestones for goal achievement though a constant and organic monitoring of revenue streams.
• Understanding and utilizing legal advantages that can empower a business is often overlooked, particularly in early and late stage startup and existing business operations. These legal tools can maximize a companies economic potential and include a strong understanding contract negotiations, streamlining corporate structures, and taking advantage of federal and local regulations.

Services provided are including but not limited to:

• Structuring of investments for business clients in compliance with SEC Regulation-D.
• Manage and drafted prospectus term sheets and for venture capital and angel investments for startups.
• Implement project management strategies for clients resulting in higher efficiency meeting deliverables.
• Advise businesses including many tech startups on choice of entity issues, partnerships, and corporate structure.
• Facilitate joint ventures and corporate partnerships for the development of software applications.
• Negotiate and draft commercial and personal contracts, EULAs, non-disclosure agreements, development iteration contracts, and IP ownership and equity agreements.
• Business planning services.
• Regulatory compliance including various licensing issues on both the state and federal levels.
• Corporate document drafting including but not limited to by-laws, operating agreements, employee policy, merger and acquisitions, and corporate minutes .
• Litigate in state and federal courts on commercial, civil, and criminal matters.
• Manage multiple clients, cases, and records for the law firm.
• Non profit organization and formation as well as specialized corporate documents for non profit compliance.