Client Testimonials

Below are testimonials of clients that The Law Office of Erik Rakoczy has worked with on various business and legal issues.

Business Clients:

“Erik has offered us a variety of attorney services. He has always offered great service with both our legal requirements and understanding how these fit into our overall business strategy..” – Josh Lipton, Owner of Wandertec and Bikeshop Hub

“Erik has done great work for us on short notice providing us with legal assistance and contract drafting and negotiation when we needed it. It is great to be able to call him whenever we need assistance with business and legal decisions. Having a lawyer that knows our business well has given us a competitive edge when negotiating commercial deals.” – Ben Robinson, Owner of Chicago Style SEO and Rinzai Designs

“Erik has acted as my company’s attorney since the nearly the very beginning and been instrumental in our success. He was not involved in the initial structuring of the company, but came in afterwards, reviewed our documents and found where potential problems and exposure to risk were. He worked to explain everything to us clearly and then drafted the documents to “fix” the problems.

As we have grown, Erik has worked hard to make sure that everything from our contracts to the privacy policy on our website do the utmost for us.

Recently he was extremely important and instrumental in helping us with complicated contract negotiation; not only did he save the deal by finding ways to structure the contract in ways the other side found agreeable, but he made it so that we actually had less risk exposure than when we started negotiations. His negotiation style, substance, and demeanor was truly amazing and his counsel was worth every cent.” – Rod Holmes of Chicago Style SEO

“Erik is a shark. He’s an invaluable lawyer who’s helped startups like mine with a wide range of tricky issues, ranging from client contracts to restructuring our business, to dealing with equity and potential funding issues. He’s had our back and saved us from significant legal risks on more than one occasion. He’s provided us keen insight and perspective by educating us with a wealth of information and references on every single issue. Erik has also done a tremendous job in expanding our network and providing strategic connections for our business. I highly recommend Erik, as you’d be lucky to have him on your side.”  – Nate Jackson, Software Developer at Carbon Five

“I recently engaged Erik Rakoczy to help me incorporate a film production company, modify an existing one, and dissolve a third. The type of focused client attention I received allowed me the peace of mind of knowing exactly what was being done in each process without the cost of attending law school myself. Needless to say, I recommend The Law Office of Erik Rakoczy for services in any phase of corporate ownership.” -John Bosher, owner of Throughline Films

“Erik Rakoczy’s practice has been our choice for legal counsel since forming my LLC 3 years ago. He clearly understands a wide swath of legal terminology, but it his affable nature and willingness to guide your through the process that really empowered me to make intelligent decisions regarding my business. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.” -David Schmude Director, Integrated Producer, Developer at Beyond the Frame


“Erik is an attorney with whom I have worked on various matters over the last year. He is attentive, expeditious and knowledgeable about his cases and clients. I would recommend him to any client seeking a bright and up and coming attorney.” – Stephanie Ripple, Attorney

Erik is a rare individual. He couples a creative approach to litigation with a fastidious attention to detail, such that he can dissect a contract as easily as he carries a jury to his desired verdict. I have have always been impressed by his ability and work ethic.” -Arthur E. Mayes,

“I hired Erik to assist me with litigating a contracts case. As a fellow attorney, I appreciated Erik’s constant attention to details and professionalism. He made himself available even on short notice and was able to negotiate and draft the settlement I wanted. I would highly recommend Erik to anyone in need of legal assistance.” -Britney Beckhorn