About The Firm

The Law Office of Erik Rakoczy LLC. opened in 2010 in Chicago IL, and since then has been providing a wide array of legal and professional services to its clients. The The Law Office of Erik Rakoczy, LLC has been a go-to for many  startups both early and late stage, and has helped many companies organize, restructure and grow their visions over the years by empowering them with the legal tools they need.


Services provided are including but not limited to:

• Structuring of investments for business clients in compliance with SEC Regulation-D.
• Manage and drafted prospectus term sheets and for venture capital and angel investments for startups.
• Implement project management strategies for clients resulting in higher efficiency meeting deliverables.
• Advise businesses including many tech startups on choice of entity issues, partnerships, and corporate structure.
• Facilitate joint ventures and corporate partnerships for the development of software applications.
• Negotiate and draft commercial and personal contracts, EULAs, non-disclosure agreements, development iteration contracts, and IP ownership and equity agreements.
• Business planning services.
• Regulatory compliance including various licencing issues on both the state and federal levels.
• Corporate document drafting including but not limited to by-laws, operating agreements, employee policy, merger and acquisitions, and corporate minutes .
• Litigate in state and federal courts on commercial, civil, and criminal matters.
• Manage multiple clients, cases, and records for the law firm.
• Non profit organization and formation as well as specialized corporate documents for non profit compliance.

To learn more, see our client services page.